Retractable Awnings

not only attractive but functional

Window Awnings

interior cooling while accenting the house style.

Commercial Awnings

create shade, space and attractive entrances



Retractable awnings are not only attractive but functional: They add shade, protection and cool the interior, thus reducing A/C usage.

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Retractable awnings are practical over windows for shade, protection and interior cooling while accenting the house style.

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Ideal for commercial Properties: Awnings add shade, outdoor space and attractive entrances. Add signage to your awning for greater branding and visibility.

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hot deck or patio?

Start Enjoying Your Deck or Patio & Relax. Don’t Wait Another Year. Cover that Area with a Retractable Awning.

Awnings and window coverings are not only functional but can provide ornamental decoration to your home or business, thereby increasing their beauty and value. There are many different uses for these awnings and window coverings. Their use is also not limited to just the spring and summer months.

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Awning Products Specialize in Retractable Awnings

We provide awnings, and services for Residential and for Commercial properties. Awning Products, specializing in Retractable and Window Awnings, serves Central New Jersey, Jersey Shore, Philly Metro Area and Staten Island, New York. In addition to the awning product line, there are additional features that can be added such as privacy screens, remote control openers.

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